Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekly review August 22, 2011

Hi gang!  I plan to start a feature every Sunday or Monday evening reviewing the last projects from the previous week (the little odds and ends that didn't merit their own article) and giving a preview of the week to come.  So here's this week's list.

The last odds and ends from last week are:
ACW Confederate Brigade #1.  Once again from Scale Creep Miniatures with flag by Cotton Jim.

 Okay, I know their bases aren't done yet.  Unfortunately, I need to order some more flocking material, and my FLGS has stopped carrying all but GW static grass.  I'm not going to pay $9 for 1/4 of a container of flocking.

My second project to wrap up the week is Leinad the Barbarian.  She's my current Warhammer Quest character.  She just reached 6th level, so I thought I'd replace her original mini with a new one that has proper armor for the Crimson Armor of Daargon.  The first pic shows her original on the left with the new one on the right.  The new miniature is Monique De Noir from Reaper, with a trimming of the sword guard and a shield swap.

That wraps up last weeks list.  Oh, yeah, I also built a new 6'x16' gaming table, but that deserves its own post.  I'll likely post a step by step view on this next week once it is finished including the painting.

So, what am I doing this week?  Here's a couple of pics of the things I hope to work on.

Starfighter stands for use with my Firestorm Armada fleet, and Dark Sword's George RR Martin line's Brom and Gregor Clegane.  For those who don't already know, those two miniatures are the same scale.  Gregor is 7'11" tall.  He should be fun to paint.  Hopefully, my order of Litko bases will arrive soon, and I can get another ACW brigade on the table as well.

Keep watching for updates throughout the week.


  1. ACW is a favorite of mine. Thanks for the comment regarding FoW on my blog. Be glad to visit with you, or get you in a SYW game. I'm at memathews(at) Don't know if blogger allows addresses or not. I'm in Darboy.