Friday, April 17, 2015

The Battle of Smithfield-- A D&D Campaign report

     The War begins!  As our intrepid adventurers (Drusus, Flinten, Morgan, Eldora, Doreen, Jhuban, Elesar, Ronson, and Shayla) sailed swiftly along the western coast of Aramanthis, the All Mother's forces were not idle.  While the King's nobles desperately attempted to gather forces to stem the tide of the growing invasion of allied humanoids, the lightly guarded capital was sacked and burned.  Refugees fleeing down the river brought word of the disaster to our heroes.  A disaster they foresaw, but were powerless to stop.  Too many decades of complacency having taken their toll on the kingdom.

   Lord Terren, the noble on whose ship the heroes were embarked, chose (wisely) to set his force ashore at the nearest river trade station rather than attempt to sail to the relief of the capital, whose burning edifice left a dark smear on the horizon. The party disembarked along with the portion of Lord Terren's army that was immediately available to sail.  The rest would be following in a day on the slower barges.

   As they arrived at the town of Smithfield, the town's mayor greeted them with relief.  The citizens had already turned out the militia as well as gathered the funds to hire a troop of dwarven mercenaries for the defense.  As afternoon wore on to evening the party set to organizing the defenses of the town.  Lord Terren, knowing his own limitations as more an administrator than a warrior, took to organizing the citizens in case evacuation became necessary and turned the military aspect of the defense over to the experienced party members led by Sir Ronson.

The momentarily peaceful town of Smithfield.  Who knows what horrors await it?